All Stars Dance Exams

For those of you that would like to take your dancing to the next level we offer dance exams!

This is an amazing opportunity for you to progress your dancing and work your way up with the national dance examinations!
You will be examined by a N.A.T.D examiner and individually marked on your dancing! You get to keep your score sheet as well as receiving a certificate and medal or badge from the N.A.T.D.


The ‘rainbow exams’ are for children who start exams under the age of 8. There are 7 different colours to collect in total and to finish the rainbow children will receive a pot of gold medal engraved with their name.

First time exams for children over 8

Popular Dance Test 1
Popular Dance Test 2
Popular Dance Test 3
Bronze (Advanced Dancers Over 12s)
Gold Cross
Gold Bar