Gymnastics Coaching

Join our enthusiastic gymnastics club to learn a range of recreational gymnastics including tumbling, acrobatics, rhythmic, floor skills, beam and strength & conditioning.


TEAM SPIRIT providing Gymnastics to all abilities

Track your progress with our membership option to earn certificates once a certain skill set has been completed, along with building a family feel within our sessions. Shows and galas are put on annually for our superstars to show off their skills.

Tumbling is an exciting aspect of gymnastics that focuses on the dynamic art of floor exercises, flips, and twists. Our expert coaches will guide you through proper techniques and progressions, ensuring your safety and helping you develop the skills needed to perform impressive maneuvers.

Acrobatics combines strength, flexibility, and teamwork to create awe-inspiring routines. You'll learn partner balances, lifts, and coordinated movements that will challenge your coordination, trust, and creativity. Acrobatics not only builds physical skills but also fosters strong connections with your fellow gymnasts.

Rhythmic gymnastics showcases the beautiful blend of dance and athleticism. You'll learn expressive choreography, elegant body movements, and the art of manipulating various apparatus such as ribbons, hoops, balls, and clubs. Rhythmic gymnastics develops grace, flexibility, musicality, and poise, providing a unique and artistic gymnastics experience.


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