Team Spirit are dedicated in providing an educational service through sport and believe our after school clubs / PPA and workshops we hold within schools are essential in laying key foundations for young children to not only understand the importance of team spirit, respect, exercise and healthy living but to introduce it as part of their daily routine.

PE lessons and PPA cover

Team Spirit for PE lessons & PPA cover

We currently deliver PE lessons and PPA cover in a variety of schools. We also set up sports leader sessions and work in small groups with behaviour management / extra support. Our Team Ethos is key to delivering these sessions consistently and effectively to make a difference.

It's very rewarding seeing the difference this makes over a period of time.

We set up and facilitate inter school tournaments working closely with the schools to provide a rewarding experience for all children to understand the importance of winning and losing. Fun competition and having opportunities to discuss how this feels is a fantastic way to explore and learn to understand these emotions.

“Team Spirit have been a revelation once again this year. Their approach to each session is professional and every coach is so caring towards each child. They really do make a difference to our school”

Ms M Dobson

School Help & Support

How we help support Schools

On top of our sports coaching sessions Team Spirit provides help and support to schools by offering our services for various activities.

We provide schools with lunchtime sessions where we support the dinner staff by setting up different sporting activities and allowing the children to have fun in a controlled, organised session. This can be set to certain year groups at set times or it can be an open session for all age groups.

We also offer book reading sessions with children so the children get to read to us and we help them with this and we get to read our favorite books back to them as we feel it is important to set the right example to the children and show them the importance of reading. At Team Spirit we like to think of all our coaches as role models and this is a great way of engaging with the children.

On top of this we support children who find it challenging in the classroom by giving them a chance to take part in our ‘golden time project’. The ‘golden time project’ allows the children to have a break from the classroom and work on a Team Spirit group project that is hands on e.g. a Lego – Tastic project. This would be a weekly event for around 30 minutes but the children need to earn this reward by doing well in the classroom. We stay in regular contact with the class teacher to give and receive feedback on the selected children so we can keep track of their progress in and out of the classroom.


Team Spirit workshops for Schools

We deliver different workshops to schools that are based on our Team Spirit Ethos.





Within these workshops we explain what we mean for each of the points and how they can use this in Team Spirit sessions but also how they are key life skills to be used outside Team Spirit as well. We do this by not only having engaging fun interactive talks with groups/classes of children but also involving them in different activities so they can get hands on whilst learning about our ethos.

We also provide other workshops about nutrition where we again explain the importance of healthy eating and get children to get involved in fun activities about a balanced diet. We also offer children different Team Spirit recipes that they can try out at home.

Breakfast clubs

Team Spirit for breakfast clubs

We offer breakfast clubs at Highfield Juniors and Infants schools across both venues. We offer a nutritional breakfast with various options.


  • Cereals
  • Fruit
  • Waffles
  • Yoghurt
  • Cold drinks
  • Plus more

We accommodate for food requirements.

We also offer a range of multi-sport and art activities to kick start your day.

Sessions are £4.50 with a 50p daily discount if you attend all week.

Highfield Infants: 7:50am – 8:50am

Highfield Juniors: 7:50am – 8:45am

Please get in touch if you are interested in this service.

Booking is required due to limited spaces as this is a very popular service.

We invoice parents at the end of each month.

After school clubs

Team Spirit for after school clubs

Come and join in with our courses that run after school.

Action packed with a variety of sports and activities every day. Team Spirit fun for everyone!

Full info on each club on the bookings page. We run a variety of courses from football to multi sports, Lego-tastic to Arts & crafts.


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