Team Spirit Lego-Tastic sessions have been running for over 9 years with unbelievable success in making a difference to children and building strong mind sets.


TEAM SPIRIT provides Lego-Tastic sessions

An opportunity to engage children with a series of controlled Lego challenges, as we encourage each child to use their imagination and creativity to complete the themed tasks.

No instructions sheets just their imagination, creativity and teamwork.

Lego is the tool with which we use to deliver, engage and teach each child important transferable life skills.

Using the T.E.A.M ethos we can have a positive impact on a child within these Lego sessions.

We use our character mascots to promote the ethos.

There are no detailed build instructions to follow along with in our sessions. We use a variety of different lego boxes. Sometimes just lego figures ! This is to encourage every child to use their creativity in how we build and how we think about the task ahead. Everyone is set the same challenge but each group or child, build in so many different ways to complete the challenge ! This again is a Great learning point as this is what makes us all so unique as individuals and we reflect and talk about this.


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