Team Spirit Birthday Parties

“The energy the coaches have is something else, they made my child feel like a million dollars. She didn't stop smiling for a week.”

We have multiple themed parties which your child can choose from! Football, Basketball, Ninja Warrior, Gymnastics, Dance Parties, even a Nerf party and so much more!!


Up to 16 children £185 16 + children max 24 - £215 Nerf Party - £230 max 24 children Birthday child is not included in the max number.

Team Spirit provides the enthusiasm, the party games, the venue (Redbridge Community College, Southampton) and as well as this, we provide our own party bags which will be handed out at the end of the party!

Our famous pre party planner is essential as our Team Spirit coach personally comes to your house and sits down with the birthday child to help them plan the special day!! 

Let the imagination run wild ! 

Invitations are provided at time of booking. 

If you have any enquiries or questions, please contact our party manager. 

Coach Shawny is happy to help.